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In conversations with specialists in cevicherías and in bars, they indicated that one of the

The products that last less time and that it would be good to keep it longer is the juice or

Natural lemon juice, that is without preservatives, since in the best case it does not last more than an hour at room temperature and that once you squeeze the juice you should keep it at about 5 ° C, Most of them indicate that This form lasts up to 72 hours, then acquires a very strong bitter or sour taste that makes it impossible to use.

We decided to do a 40-day trial, for which 18 lemons were squeezed, giving us approximately 155 ml of lemon juice, which were subjected to the following tests:

A photograph of the measuring equipment used for testing the samples is attached.

Equipos de Medición

Image 1: Test equipment

Then the contents were poured into three plastic containers of 50 ml each, one of the containers remained at room temperature 24 ° C, the second in a commercial freezer at -18 ° C and the third in our BIOMAG freezer at -10 ° C.

Zumo de Limón

Figure 2: Sliced lemons and lemon juice

After 40 days, the samples that can be seen in photo 3 were withdrawn, the lemon juice containers are in the following order from left to right: juice at room temperature (sample 3), in a commercial freezer (sample 2) and in the Biomag (sample 1).

Figure 3: Photo of the samples, after 40 days.

It was also observed that the one that remained at room temperature acquired a slightly brown hue, that of the commercial freezer a slightly yellow color and that of the Biomag a little more yellow, similar to the juice initially extracted (this can be seen by observing photo 3).

Another detail observed was that the Biomag sample was more homogeneous with respect to that of the commercial freezer despite the fact that there was a difference in freezing temperature of 8 ° C in favor of the commercial freezer.

Figure 4: Comparison photo of juices in the freezer and in Biomag

The characteristics of each of the samples were the following:

Table 1: Physical - Chemical and nutritional characteristics of the juices, after 40 days.

Observing the table, it can be seen that the sample in the commercial freezer slightly decreased its Brix degrees and its Vitamin C content and the Biomag sample maintained its physical-chemical and nutritional characteristics, especially Vitamin C.

For the organoleptic test, the sample was discarded at room temperature due to its bitter taste and a certain non-characteristic odor, the other two were allowed to thaw and were poured into glasses with 100 ml of water.

The sample in a commercial freezer showed a characteristic odor, slightly bitter taste and a lighter color compared to the Biomag sample, it maintained odor, flavor similar to the initial one and characteristic color.

Then we can conclude that in our Biomag freezer, the lemon juice can be kept for more than 40 calendar days.

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